MISSION STATEMENT - The PHSO mission is to perpetuate the awareness of Hellenism (ancient and modern Greek culture) and its contributions to democracy and fair play in society. PHSO shares information and educates its members and the community on related matters through social activities, events and publications (i.e. festivals, lectures and banquets). Philanthropy has been a pillar of strength for PHSO providing support for charities, including but not limited to, food banks, parochial and public schools and other community charities.


The Pan-Hellenic Society of Ocala (PHSO) is a non-profit organization composed of Americans of Hellenic descent (Hellenic Diaspora) and all individuals (Phil-Hellenes) who believe and want to spread the principles of Hellenism (a set of values for living in the world). Application for membership is open to all persons whose beliefs are consistent with the mission of the organization.




PHSO Meetings are the first Thursday of every month at 5:30PM at the Father George Papadeas Community Center.



President - Demetra Rucker

Vice President - Katherine Zotos

Treasurer - Richard Messner

Recording Secretary - Mary Zanac

Corresponding Secretary - Vicki Collins


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